Newport Beach Young Professionals Network Guidelines


  • Use mass texting as a reminder for events
  • Pick up the phone! Directly contact people that you want to attend
  • Monthly orientation for new members
  • Great events that are ‘exclusive’
  • Use press releases about your new chapter/successful events
  • Flyers/handouts at license schools/new REALTOR orientation classes
  • Be sure to add value
  • Build excitement with brokers
  • Require certain levels of commitment
  • Draw on your membership: what do they need?
  • Use social media consistently/keep YPN in their face
  • Assign board members to recruit in the field
  • Monthly e-newsletter
  • Create YPN business cards
  • Get in your local/state association communications


  • Business cards with mission statement & board member contact info
  • Use social media: Facebook, Twitter, Flicker, YouTube, Linked In
  • Ask YPN national for an updated membership list to send emails, newsletters, postcards
  • Invite REALTORS from other markets/associations. Their association may not have a YPN!
  • Strategic Facebook status updates: post at times when REALTORS will be on Facebook!
  • Tag event flyers with individuals you want to attend
  • Incentive marketing
  • Team up with an established charity/organization
  • Hand deliver flyers
  • Sponsor a contest of some kind
  • Make phone calls
  • Don’t forget the independents!


  • Charge dues or maybe just to affiliate
  • Have contracts for sponsors
  • Charge event attendees ($5, $10, etc)
  • Think outside the box for sponsors (clothing stores, car dealerships, past clients, etc)
  • Don’t oversell your sponsors/promise and not deliver
  • Create an event calendar for sponsors to choose which events they would like to sponsor
  • Barter – if you give us this, we’ll give you that
  • Annual chapter fundraiser: black tie, silent auction, raffles
  • Ask you sponsoring association for a budget! Prove value of YPN to the team
  • Offer different levels of sponsorship


Newport YPN Guidelines (September 2010)

Section I


1.1 Name The Newport Beach Young Professionals Network is chartered and approved by the National Association of REALTORS® and is sponsored by the Newport Beach Association of REALTORS®.

1.2 The Purpose of the NBYPN is to foster harmony between Young Real Estate Professionals, which will be to the benefit of Young professionals and to elevate the professional excellence and public acceptance of the real estate industry in general.

NBYPN is a member-driven organization that helps young real estate professionals excel in their careers by giving them the tools and encouragement to become involved in four core areas;
(a) Attend REALTOR® conferences and pursue leadership roles within the local, state and national associations.
(b) Take an active role in policy discussions and advocacy issues and be informed about the latest industry news and trends.
(c) Network and learn from one another by attending events, participating in online communication and seeking out mentoring opportunities.
(d) Become exceptional members of their community by setting a high level of REALTOR® professionalism and volunteering for causes they feel passionate about.



2.1 Types of Members. The NBYPN shall have classes of members as defined in this Article II. Any reference to members in these Guidelines shall include both individual and non-individual members, unless otherwise specified. Members may join online at or by requesting a printed application. All requests to join YPN that meet the criteria for a class of members shall be accepted.

2.2. Individual Members shall consist of:
(a) REALTOR® Members: Membership is free and open to those REALTOR® Members of the Newport Beach Association of REALTORS®.
(b) Affiliate Members: Must be affiliated with a title company, appraisal company, mortgage company, escrow company, or related service to the real estate industry and belong to the Newport Beach Association of REALTORS®.
(c) Alumni Members: Any NBYPN member automatically falls into Alumni status once they turn 41 years old. Alumni members must have been a member of the Newport Beach YPN and currently be a REALTOR®.

2.3 Non-Individual Members. Non-individual members shall consist of:
(a) Affiliate Corporate Members
Affiliate members shall be any non-individual entity engaged in any aspect of the Real Estate Banking, Title Companies, new home construction and sales industry, whether that entity be a NBYPN, partnership, limited liability company, joint venture, or otherwise. Membership or Sponsorship dues for non-individual members shall be established by the Advisory Board.



3.1 General Powers. The business and affairs of the NBYPN shall be managed by its Advisory Board. Any member elected or appointed to hold office must be a member of NBYPN in good standing.

(a) Performance and Duties. A Director or liaison of the NBYPN shall perform his or her duties, including his or her duties as a member of any committee of the Board upon which he or she may serve, in good faith, in a manner he or she reasonably believes to be in the best interest of the NBYPN, and with such care as an ordinarily prudent person in a like position would use under similar circumstances. In performing his or her duties, a Director shall be entitled to rely on information, opinions, reports, or statements, including financial statements and other financial data. He or she shall not be considered to be acting in good faith if he or she has knowledge concerning the matter in question that would cause such reliance to be unwarranted. A person who so performs his or her duties shall not have any liability by reason of being or having been a Director of the NBYPN.

3.2 The Advisory Board shall consist of between 5 and 13 voting positions.

(a) Chair – one year term – Responsible for overseeing NBYPN meetings and serves as the main spokesperson for NBYPN. Attendance at CAR and NAR meetings held throughout the year is recommended.
(b) Vice-Chair – one year term – works in conjunction with the Chair.
(c) Past-Chair – one year term – assists Chair and Vice-Chair.
(d) Membership Director – one year term – in charge of recruitment of new YPN members of the Newport Beach Association of REALTORS®, California Association of REALTORS® and National Association of REALTORS®.
(e) Events Director – one year term – directors communication to NBYPN members through various mediums and assists in reaching out to potential sponsors.
(f) Committee/Advisory Board – Members of Newport YPN who wish to contribute to the planning and execution of YPN meetings and events.

3.4 Appointment and Term of Office. December of each calendar year the Vice-Chair of NBYPN should be appointed by the President of the Newport Beach Association of REALTORS® and shall automatically ascend to Chair the following year. The Vice-Chair shall appoint the membership director, events director as necessary. There are no limits on the number of terms an individual may serve in any capacity within NBYPN.

(a) Vacancies. The Chair may fill any vacancies on the Advisory Board at any time they arise due to resignation or removal.
(b) Removal. Any Director of the NBYPN may be removed at any time, with or without cause, by majority vote of the other Directors at a meeting at which a quorum is present.
(c) Committees. The Directors may designate three or more Advisory Board members to constitute a committee or work group, any of which shall have such authority in the management of the NBYPN as the Advisory Board shall designates.



4.1 Regular Meetings. A regular meeting of the Advisory Board may be called by the Chair at any time with proper notice being given to the members of the Advisory Board.

4.2 Participation by Electronic Means. Any members of the Advisory Board of any committee designated by such Board may participate in a meeting of the Advisory Board or committee by means of telephone conference, web conference, or similar communications equipment by which all other persons participating in the meeting can hear each other at the same time. Such participation shall constitute presence in person at the meeting.



5.1 Collection and Disbursement. Sponsorships and other monies collected by or on behalf of NBYPN shall be handled by the Newport Beach Association of REALTORS® in accordance with the policies and Bylaws already established. Payments from the funds of NBYPN shall be made upon request to the Newport Beach Association of REALTORS® for execution of payment.

5.2 Budget. The Advisory Board shall adopt a budget for each fiscal year or event as it deems necessary and NBYPN shall function within the constraints of such budget.



6.1 Amendments. These Guidelines may be altered, amended, or repealed, and new Guidelines may be adopted by a two-thirds (2/3) majority of the Directors present at any meeting of the Advisory Board of NBYPN at which a quorum is present.



7.1 Members shall receive invitations to exclusive events at REALTOR® conferences, news on how to get involved in leadership roles at NAR, CAR and NBAR and updates on new tools and resources that will help them grow the careers.

7.2 The Advisory Board shall plan and host at least one networking event during the year for the benefit of the members.

7.3 Promote national and local YPN events through regular communications with the members of NBYPN.



8.1 NBYPN shall allow social media and social networking at the state and local association level. Such efforts shall be focused on the same goals and ideas behind the YPN overall mission; delivery of information to the members in a format that they desire, and making information available to the consumer in order to drive consumer traffic to the membership. i.e. group information delivery and marketing.

Along with all web site and guidelines rules, the following rules should apply to all social media and social networking that is accomplished by the NBYPN, the association staff, directors, committees, work groups or those entrusted with the work by any of the aforementioned entities or persons associated with any of the same.

1. Copyright – NBYPN may not use materials from another web site without permission. NBYPN must ensure that the association has a license or permission to use information generated from another source.
2. Any marketing is subject to the same general rules that apply to traditional marketing such as state and Federal fair housing laws.
3. Links to other sites should be reviewed by the designated association social media advocate(s) to ensure that the outside source sites content also falls within NBYPN’s general media and/or policies.
4. No games of chance or raffles should be allowed on any social media outlet except those that are a direct NBYPN or REALTOR® program, such as a CARHOF raffle or game.
5. The collection of consumer information on any social media outlet shall follow the same general guidelines as those established for CAR marketing or web sites. Information on consumers or members may not be sold or exchanged via any social media outlet.
6. Email sent through social media and social networking is subject to the CAN-SPAM Act and Federal and state laws.

8.2 NBYPN Antitrust Policy and Confidentiality Policy

Topics that may give an appearance of an agreement to violate the antitrust laws may not be discussed on any NBYPN website, social network or blog.

Members shall not discuss with any competitor their individual company policies relating to prices or related types of sensitive information including,

(a) commission levels, fees, business expenses or other business information or policies which would allow or encourage price fixing or maintenance;
(b) bids on contracts for particular properties or any information which would allow or encourage bid rigging;
(c) a firm’s competitive business decisions;
(d) duration or types of listing agreements the firm will enter into or the form of compensation the firm will accept or negotiate;
(e) the compensation offered or paid to a firm’s agents or employees;
(f) plans concerning any proposed or existing customers, clients or territories;
(g) any other actions that might be construed as concerted attempts to restrain competition, including joint attempts to control or affect prices, market conditions, marketing practices, customer choice, or the like.

It is the responsibility of each member to avoid raising improper subjects for discussion. However, if discussion of any inappropriate topics occurs on any NBYPN website, social media or networking outlet or blog, all members participating in the discussion should openly disassociate themselves from such discussions, and inform the NBYPN Advisory Board, Chair or NBAR Staff Liaison immediately. The NBYPN Advisory Board, Chair or NBAR Staff Liaison shall then take immediate steps to correct the problem and report the situation as necessary to any governing body. The Advisory Board may also contact C.A.R. legal counsel if it deems it necessary.



9.1 The California Association of REALTORS® shall provide all liability policies as per the current structure, guidelines and Bylaws already established for the directors, liaisons and members of the Newport Beach Young Professionals Network.